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Working together

During a consultation I assess and identify the potential nutritional imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms and health concerns. We then work together to find the right nutritional and lifestyle balance to support your body towards health. Everyone is different and your nutrition and lifestyle programme will be unique to you and based on the latest nutrition science. I may recommend tests and food supplements depending on your needs.

I believe that it is important to take a holistic approach to health and if necessary I may refer you to other health professionals. Mind, body and spirit are essential components of any wellness journey and I work closely with specialists in fitness, emotional health and relaxation techniques.

Most importantly, I want to support your path to wellness.

One-on-one Consultations

Prior to the first consultation, you will be asked to complete and return a health and nutrition questionnaire. The initial consultation lasts 75-90 minutes and, after establishing your health status, I will evaluate your needs and develop a personalised, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme based on the latest scientific evidence. Follow-up consultations are generally after four weeks to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments. Further follow-ups may be required depending on your needs.

Initial consultation (lasts 1h15-1h30) includes: evaluation of health, nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire; initial consultation; research and preparation of nutrition and supplement programmes. Cost: 150 euros

Follow-up consultations (lasts 45min-1h) includes: evaluation of any laboratory tests, follow-up consultation and preparation of nutrition and supplement programmes. Cost: 100 euros

Skype or telephone consultations can be arranged on request.


Wellness Cookery Workshops

Join a group of like-minded clients and discover delicious and healthy recipes around a theme such as:

- Support for hormonal health
- Maintain your vitality through the menopause and beyond
- Eat more, weigh less
- Revitalise!

We will cook and eat together and you will be provided with a practical menu plan and recipes to take home.

Next event

Kitchen Detox

It's not easy to change any habit. As part of my philosophy of providing the best possible support to my clients, with the Kitchen Detox service I come to your home to help you get started on your healthy eating programme. Together, we will go through your fridge and store cupboards to determine what can stay and what should go! I can also accompany you to go grocery shopping to help you make the right food choices and to give you the benefit of my experience of where to find appropriate foods for your needs.