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Chicken Soup for Immunity

Have you heard that chicken soup is good for you when you’re unwell? If you thought it was just an old wives’ tale, you’d be wrong. Research suggests that a bowl of chicken and...

Moroccan Couscous

  Moroccan Couscous Couscous is a perfect combination of nutrients in one dish.  Be sure to balance your plate with more vegetables than meat and grain. Serving size:  Six generous portions 1 kg lean stewing lamb or 400...

Drinking water – bottled or tap?

Bottled water or tap water?  Which should we be drinking? Actually a water filter is probably best! In the developed world millions of bottles of water are consumed every day, 80 million bottles in the United...

Functional Medicine Explained

Have you ever wondered why you are depressed and lacking in energy?  Why is it that so often the symptoms of disease are treated with medication?  Why did you actually develop that disease in...

What to eat in October

A monthly look at seasonal produce so that you can buy local, improve the nutrient value of your food buy buying fresh fruit and vegetables and help save the planet by reducing your carbon...